Friday, December 7, 2007


The girls had fun playing in the fresh powder of winter's first snow fall! Abby was excited to finally get to wear her new snow pants and pink furry snow boots. Emma was just excited to see the snow and be in it, except when it got on her. They both look like little marshmellows, at least that is what Lance calls them when they are all bundled up in thier snow stuff.

Christmas time

Our little Christmas tree
Emma loves to hold to remote control, I think it helps her feel in control which she likes to be:)
We put up the Christmas tree last week, it was a little challening because Abby and Emma were so eager to help get out all the Christmas ornaments and you know, play with them like they were new found treasures. Emma found the candy canes and got all sticky, Abby liked to pop the bubble wrap that that the fragile stuff was wrapped in. They both love the nativity scene. Luckily nothing was broken that day, since then we've had a few "accidents." They love the train but it is now just scattered about too. If we didn't remember what Christmas was really about we might not even bother. But the tree, the lights and stockings hung help us get into the Christmas spirit.

So exciting!
gotta taste the frosting :)
Abby is trying to show Emma how to do it.
Emma eating the candy off the house

Abby's proud of her work!

The other night we made a ginger bread house, it was one of those pre-made ones that my mom gave us. Abby was very serious about it and placed all the candy all by herself in her own special design. Emma thought she was helping by eating the candy which made Abby mad. She'd say, " no Emma this is not to eat, it's for our ginger bread house!" Lance thought he was helping by watching the basketball game on TV. Well, I don't think we made the frosting thick enough because it was running all over the place. But the final product turned out pretty good, thanks to Abby! Oh, Lance did do some finishing touches after the game was over :)

BYU game

BYU/UTAH football game.
Well, it was one of those stressful, nail-biting games, even up until the very last minute. But BYU won! When everyone thought the game was over, with a few minutes left and a few Ute fans leaving thinking they had the victory, Lance leaned over to me and said, "I have faith, the game's not over yet!" And sure enough, BYU made a last minute touchdown to win the game. It was fun! Lance is never shy about heckling the Ute fans and players. I just ignore him. Lance's little sister Amberly is a Cougarette and she's an awesome dancer, we always have fun watching her. The best part was that everyone was here for the game, because of Thanksgiving weekend. Go BYU :)

sisters, daughters, friends

We celebrated Natasha's 21st birthday last month at her favorite restaurant, Spaghetti Mama's. Emma Abby

Me and Amberly (Lance's sister) at the Conference Center for the Christmas devotional.

Me, Denell and Sondra (my sweet sister in law's) at the BYU game.
Me and Anna at the Mannheim Steam Roller concert. (and her boyfriend :)
Tasha and Nessa
Over Thanksgiving break Misti rounded us all up for a girls night, we had dinner and so much fun visiting and catching up! It had been years since some of us had seen each other, so of course it wans't til about one in the morning we decided we better say goodbye and goodnight.
I grew up with these cute girls!
( Sharlene, Misti, Andrea, Aryanne, Jamie and I )

pink and brown

I apparently was the only one looking at my camera.

Lance's aunt got married last month so Abby and Emma got to see their cousins, Katelyn and Lauren. They all looked so cute together! We took a ton of pics but this is the closest one of them all "almost" looking at the camera or at least heads were in the right direction. You know how it is. They looked so cute in pink and brown and it wasn't even planned.


A few weeks ago we went to the cabin and brought the horses, it is always fun to get away even if it is just for a few days! Both Abby and Emma love the horses.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

SPAIN - Madrid

Ok, so I didn't take this picture but it is so beautiful of the Royal Palace (Palaceo Real!) We didn't get a picture of the front of the building cause so much was going on at the other side. They were holding a Royal Commencment for foriegn dignitaries, so we weren't able to go inside. But that's okay, cause it was way cool to see all everything going on outside. Lance caught some of the procession on video, there were horses, guards, carriages and trumpets playing. Everyone was in uniform, so it looked really cool. The Royal Palace in Madrid is quite impressive and it said to even rival Versailles.

The beautiful columns in the Retiro Park. One of the many statues in El Parque Retiro
The Crystal Palace in El Parque Retiro in Madrid

Palacio de Communicaciones- Main Post Office, Plaza Cibeles in Madrid

It is such a cool building, can you believe it was the post office?

The other side of the street.Down the street is the Puerta de Alcala

Our hostal was just down the street right in downtown Madrid

Plaza Mayor
Lance in Plaza Mayor There are so many little cafe's in the plaza, we had brunch on the terraza at one of them.Plaza Mayor at night, it is a happening place! After the bullfight we hung out at Plaza Mayor and then to a little cafe to have churros and chocolate - yum!
El Prado Museum

Metropolis - Gran Via Calle Gran Via

Plaza de Toros
We saw three different Matadors They each killed two bulls
Bullfighting in Spain is a big part of the culture.It was packed! It was fun to take Lance to a real bullfight!
Posters on a side street kiosc

We ate dinner at this cute little bar our last night in Madrid. It was delicous!

Besides the very first day we arrived in Spain, when we went to El Parque Retiro and the Temple, we really only had one day to see the sights in Madrid. (there is a ton to see, so we didn't get to do everything) We went to the Palacio Real, Plaza Mayor, El Prado Museum and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Walked down Gran Via and then back to Sol. We also went to a bullfight at the famous Ventas Plaza de Toros in Madrid. The Prado houses some of the oldest paintings in the world by artists like: El Greco, Goya, Valazquez, Rubens, Picasso, etc... The painting you see in your humanities and history text book. We loved the artwork and variety at the the Thyssen -Bornemisza, different than the Prado. I love the city of Madrid and all the beautiful buildings, parks, plazas, statues, round abouts, outdoor cafe's, museums, tapas and water fountains. Everything is so European, so cool, so MADRID!
Thanks to my parents, (who watched the girls while we were gone for 11 days) we were able to go on my dream trip back to Spain. Thanks mom & dad, I love you.