Thursday, September 20, 2007

Emma with her friends

Abby blowing kisses


We've made tomatoe juice, spaghetti sauce, and whole tomatoes from all the tomatoes at the farm. It's takes hours to can and it makes a big mess but it's worth it. Now are shelf is full of the red bottles. Lance's mom, Glenda is a trooper, every end of summer when the tomatoes come her kitchen is where it's at. We are blessed to be able to be
apart of it and reap the rewards all year long!

funny faces


My cousins wedding was last week and Grandma Beers bought the girls the cutest dresses, they looked adorable! I love when we have these kind of events and the whole family gets together, that is really what life is all about - FAMILY.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Summer Fun

This summer has been really fun, we haven't had any really big trips - that one is coming this month! - but lots of little ones. Lake Powell, reunion campouts, Fish Lake, the cabin, and Park City. We also have done lots of day activites like visit the zoo, the aquarium, Children's Discovery Musuem, riding the Heber Creeper, Seven Peaks, softball, lunch at the park, horseback riding, swimming and of course the Spanish Fork fiesta days with the parade and rodeo.

Abby and Emma

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

new blog

Well, we thought we would finally create a blog so here we are: The Lance and Melanie Wilson Family. Lance and I have been married now for 4 years and we have two beautiful daughters Abbygail Grace and Emma Beth, they are our everything. Emma will have her first birthday next month and Abby will be three in January! I always marvel at how time flies and I hear that it just goes by faster the older you grow. So that is why we are "Enjoying the Journey" and no matter how crazy things get try to cherish every moment.

For Labor day, our little family planted some trees at the farm. It was a nice quiet day and while Lance was busy digging, I was keeping Emma from eating rocks and dirt. Abby got all wet from playing in the water and after I picked some ripe red tomatoes, I took a minute to notice how the sun was hitting the west mountain. I thought how truly blessed we are and was remineded that every little moment of life's journey is for us to enjoy.