Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trip to Austria and Prague

So, I wasn't going to post this many picture, but we took so many, it was hard to just pick a few. Vienna was a cool city, Melk with it's Abby was really neat, the Danube river cruise had the most beautiful views, but I really loved Prague. Plus, we were there over our anniversary! It was a really fun trip and I am so grateful for the opportunity to go. It was a magical experience with amazing architecture on every corner, new foods, cathedrals, castles, bridges, palaces and cobblestone streets. But what I loved best was just being in another world with Lance.

Charles Bridge in Prague

Lance is a great travel guide!

Shronbun Palace in Vienna

The Belvadere in Vienna

Church in Prague


Fortress in Salzburg

Mathausen Concentration Camp

our Anniversary dinner

The Abby in Melk

Danube river cruise view

What a wonderful trip, thanks to Lance and his hard work! We also wouldn't have been able to go if we didn't have help with the munchkins. They were in good hands. Amberly, mom, dad, Tasha, Anna, Grandma Lybbert, everyone was so good with them. I am grateful for family that took care of them while we were gone. We are so lucky and blessed! We have the best family!

Catching up

My little guy!

Ty Stephen

I need to do a little catching up, since the last post was over a year ago! Ty is now 13 months and has been walking for a few months now, he's actually running every chance he gets. He is so cute! I am so in love with my little boy.

He has been the sweetest baby. Even though he was sick a lot, he was still fairly pleasant. Last October we all got the swine flu :( The girls didn't even go trick or treating cause we were all so sick. Ty got it too and I think it weakened his immune system. He had six ear infections and finally got tubes, he had a couple of yucky viruses, a sinus infections, thrush and croup about five different times. Finally, after several steroid shots and medications, we got a chest x-ray (not fun) in July and the x-ray was clear, so they put him on a nebulizer which he used for a couple of weeks. He seems to be doing great now and is such a joy to us, as always. We celebrated his 1st birthday in July!

My girls are such good friends, it fun to watch them play together. It seems like this past year they have both really grown up, especially over the summer months!

Emma will be four in October. Last year she had the funnest birthday party ever, it was a pony party with real ponies, all the kids loved it! She is getting ready for preschool and loves gymnastics.

We had a fun Christmas and New Years was spent with our girls. Our biggest thing for 2010 was Lance moving his office from Orem to Spanish Fork. It has been so nice having him so close, plus not to worry about commuting, traffic and construction.

Abby turned five in January and wanted to have a "work out" themed party, it turned out to be really fun!

For Valentines Day, I gave Lance a quilt that I had been working on made of all his old t-shirts. It turned out really cute!

In April we took our family on a cruise to Mexico, we went to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas. On the last day of our trip we surprised the girls and took them to Disneyland!

In May, Emma had her tonsils out (ouch!!!) but she was so very brave! We bought lots of ice-cream and popsicle, none of which she really wanted after the surgery :( She was a tough cookie and got through those rough few weeks though.

In June, Lance and I went to San Francisco for business, Ty came too and is such a good little traveler.

The girls have gone to the farm a lot with Lance and love riding the horses.

Abby had her year end dance recital in June. We also had swim lessons the end of this month. The girls loved it, cause aunt Tasha comes to help. Ty did pretty good too!

July was one of our busiest months, We had our exchange student Ainhoa, from Spain, stay with us, we had lots of family reunions, and Ty's birthday. We also went to Europe for eleven days! It was wonderful. We went to Vienna, Salzburg, Melk, Linz, we had a dinner cruise on the Danube River. We visited a concentration camp on our last day in Austria then the next day caught the train to Prague and spent three days there. It was really magical.

The rest of August I wanted to spend with my munchkins before school started so we had picnics at the park, went swimming, went to ballgames, library, had backyard BBQ's and just played. The girls love to sing and dance to "Taylor Swift," they practically know all the words to her songs, it's cute. The girls also love being read to, especially by daddy :)