Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a day at the farm

Saturday was a nice spring day, a perfect day to be at the farm. The girls love the horses, playing with the dog and just being at the farm!

My little cowgirls!Captain and Socks Emma loves Max
can you tell? gross!
She also loves riding
She isn't afraid at all
Playing in the fields
Finding budding daffodils
Opening the gate for the horses
playing in the barn
doing a "project"
building a "barn"
working hard
cowgirl Abby
hats off to a beautiful spring day!
two friends
hold on!
It is so fun to see them enjoying the farm!

Daddy's girls

The girls love thier daddy! Every morning when he leaves for work they stand at the door and wave and blow kisses, then when he comes home they run to him and give him big hugs and slobbery kisses!

Emma is especially snuggly and loved to press her chubby little cheeks next to ours!

two friends

Abby has refered to her and Emma as "two friends" since the day her sister was born. It's so cute! She gives her a squeeze and says, "two friends!" and they really are, can't you tell?
"two friends" big squeeze!

"two friends" hanging out

"two friends" sleeping "two friends" playing

"two friends" sharing a special day

more "two Friends!"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We got to watch the National's preview before the Cougarettes left to compete in Florida. Abby and Emma love watching Amberly dance! The Cougarettes are incredible and they did a great job at Nationals!

The dance was awesome

Amberly with her biggest fans

new nieces

We have two new neices born a week apart! We will get to see baby Delaney next month when we go to Arizona for her blessing but we got to see baby Chelsey over conference weekend, she was just a few days old!

Grandpa and Chelsey
Big sister Katelyn
Abby with the baby

We tried to get a pic with all the girls
It's better when you're not trying!

Sleepy heads

You'd think I would be getting a lot done if both of the girls were napping at the same time, that's practically a miracle! But I couldn't help take a few pics, then sit down to take a deep breath.


I always try to get a pic of the girls in their Sunday dresses (before the spills and ripping out headbands) sometimes they cooperate and other times I don't have such luck.

good one!


great smile!
if she would just look at me...
one shoe
not so excited
just mad