Thursday, July 16, 2009

Long time, no blog... I guess I just fell off the face of blogging, but thought it was finally time to update since I haven't added a post for almost a year! Plus, we are expecting a new little one in about a week! It's been a long pregnancy but he's almost here. Yes, I said, "he!" We are having a BOY! It will be a change, that's for sure but we are so excited and I just can't wait to see his cute little face. I've been busy nesting this last month, which drives Lance crazy, but I think we are ready for baby. Well, as ready as you could be for the THIRD! I get a little nervous thinking about how I am going to handle three kids, they say it's the most challenging but hopefully the girls will be helpful :)

I don't think my belly can stretch anymore. Yesterday I was out and about and I think I got the "basketball" comment a few times, someone asked if I was having twins (yikes) and finally a guy walked up to me at Wal-Mart and said, "they might not let you smuggle that watermelon out of the store!" HA,HA... very funny. The best is when total stranger's hands are suddenly on your tummy, it's like a giant free for all magnet or something. When I was prego with Abby it was really wierd, you think I'd be used to it by now but it's still wierd.

So the girls are growing up soooo fast. They are getting really big, and with more attitude. They are still super cute and sweet but sometimes I wonder if Abby is four or fourteen! Abby and Emma are both so excited to have a little brother, they can't wait. They've asked the entire pregnancy, "when is he coming!" I kept telling them after swim lessons are over. Well, I made it through swim, camping, softball, family reunions, and Lance on the trek. Now it's time! His due date is July 23rd and we have the C-section scheduled for the 22nd. But he is wanting to bust out, he won't stop kicking, punching, moving all over the place. Whatever he's doing it's making me a little queezy. It will be nice to have him out. So wish me luck! I hope that all goes well and the C-section will go just as smoothly as Emma's did. As long as it's not a repeat of Abby's emergency C-section it will be fine.

Well, to accomadate out growing family, Lance got me a Honda Odyssey. I love it! I can't believe I was able to live without it. We found a used one in great condition and I feel really spoiled. Thanks, babe! Lance has put up with my obsessive behavior with nesting. I am a Nester, big time. I think every pregnant woman is but I take it to the extreme. I dream about it, write up plans, print them neatly, make lists, it is all I can think about. Once I have my plan in place... nothing will stop me from making the room how I invision it. I then do the leg work, buy the necessary items, or better yet get creative and do the projects myself, unless it's painting then I hire my sisters. But the nursery is done! . And I have to brag, it is soooo cute. All the hard work paid off! We did a "sports" theme and of course incorporated BYU. Now we are down to scrubbing, sanitizing and cleaning every corner of the house. It's like I can't have peace until everything is done on my list. We are almost there. My bag is packed, freezer is stocked, toenails painted, baby clothes washed & hung and diapers stacked.

Well, I thought about going through the year and catching up, but it's just too much to think about right now, so I'll just put up some pics and you'll get the "picture."

Fall 2008 - after Abby got home from her first day of preschool, Emma cried almost the entire time she was gone. She missed her so much!

Lake Powell - September 2008
Fun on the tube!

Grandpa Tanner's funeral
Abby's first day of pre-school - fall 2008Halloween - 2008... We were all "Tinkerbell" :)

Going to the pumpkin patch - Fall 2008

fall day at Grandma Lybberts house

Emma's 2nd b-day party - October 2008. It was a Dora theme and she still talks about today.
Abby's 4th B-day party - January 2009. A unicorn theme.
Building a snow-woman

Christmas dresses from Grandma Beers
Easter Sunday 2009

Hawaii - April 2009

We brought these back from Hawaii for the girls
Mother's Day 2009

Family reunion

Swimming lessons

The next time I blog we'll have our little one, and hopefully it will be before he's a year old :)