Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008


Ok, so I really needed to update the blog. Life just gets so crazy! I always make a list of things I want to get done during the day and "update blog" has been at the bottom of the lists since the day after Christmas. Like many other, "crafts, projects, goals and major organizing," it just stayed on the bottom. I guess other stuff, like you know, kids, cleaning, cooking, kids, cleaning up after the kids, and sleep take priority. I keep thinking maybe after they go to bed, yeah right. I don't know the secret to getting the girls to bed quickly, it takes f o r e v e r! by then I'm exhasted. If you know the secret, please let me in on it! Anyway, Emma loves the computer, so during the day if I am ever on it, she will just push the shiny "off" or "re-start" button. So I have to be sneaky and watch her close. Alright, enough about my unintentional procrastination and excuses. By the way, for some a blog may take the place of a journal but I have a good old fashioned one and write in it regularly :)

Okay, so let's re-cap: December, Christmas was great! We spent the day at my mom and dad's. Abby and Emma loved opening all the presents, of course. The next day we spent with the Wilson's. It was fun. Well, I would say more but Christmas seems like a long time ago, and all I remember is that it was a good one. We celebrated the new year at our house with a few friends and games. 2008!

Right before Christams we went to the BYU football game in Vegas. They won and it was so fun but freezing. I know, you'd think Vegas would be far from that, but it was super cold at the game.

January, Emma had to get stitches :( She fell on one of Lance's horse statues that she took off the shelf to carry around, I should have moved it up earlier because she had got it down several times, but I had to learn the hard way. Emma is much more daring and curious than Abby so I need to keep an extra eye on her. We took her to the pediatrition and he stitched her up so fast. I was so glad we went there instead of having to wait at a clinic or the emergency room. Plus when we went to get the stitches out we found out she had an ear infection, so we took care of two things with one visit. But did have to go back the following week because Abby had an ear infection. We had Abby and Emma's actual Dr. appointment with the pediatrician last week, so, thus far this year we have been there five times already! Too bad it wasn't all at the end of the year, before the duductable started over, but that' life. Really our girls are great and so I shouldn't complain about a few ear infections and stitches. I am grateful and feel very blessed that they are healthy.

On Janurary 19th Abby turned three years old. I can't believe it! She is growing up so fast, it is just crazy how time flies. All she wanted for her birthday was a "princess party" she didn't even care about presents, she said " we have enough toys, I just was a party." Awesome! So I really made it a great party. And of course if you have a party, you get presents. She invited two of her little friends and then the fam. We sent out "royal invitations" for Princess Abbygail's celebreation and invited everyone to dress up in their favorite princess attire. I decorated the house or should I say, "Abby's castle" and she had a disney princess cake. We played games, colored, ate and danced, everyone had a great time. It was worth all the work just to hear her say, "mama, it all looks so good, thank you so much, it the best princess party ever!" She really is a little princess.

President Hinckley - When I heard the passing of our dear prophet I couldn't believe it, even though he was 97 years old, he was just so young at heart. I guess I thought he would live forever. I know that he is so happy to be reunited with his wonderful wife and that he is in a marvelous place. But I will miss him. He was a true examlple of hard work, faith and optimism and above all was truly a prophet of God. "We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet!" I am grateful that the church is organized in a way that, even though President Hinckley passed on, the Church goes on. President Monson will be an amazing prophet.
February, Abby started dance and she loves it! Her aunt Amberly, a Cougarette, is her inspiration. She dances along while at the BYU basketball games and has been taking about "dance class" for a while. So now that she's three she can start her career, just kidding. Who knows maybe next year she'll want to try soccer or gymnastics. It doesn't really matter what it is, whatever she's passionite about we'll be happy for her. I think all little kids like to dance though, when they hear the beat they just move, they're too little to feel self-consious.

Okay, so the other night Lance and I decided we would celebreate Valentienes on Wednesday cause every year there is a wait for a hudred hours at every restaurant. So we thought we were very smart when we made plans with another couple to meet in Sandy for dinner the night before the holiday. WRONG! It was the worst idea ever. We were stuck in that horrible storm and it took three hours to go about four miles! We were dodging all sorts of cars stuck in the snow in the middle of the parking lot, oh, I mean freeway. At least we didn't have the girls with us, and I wasn't pregnant and going into labor like some poor woman who actually had her baby at a gas station that night but I did have to go to the bathroom pretty bad. Well, we didn't eat dinner till about nine and by the time we were done we heard that the freeway was shut down. We had to spend the night at my partents and Abby and Emma and my mom were stuck at Tasha's apartment in Provo. Mom had Kaily too, Anna's baby, so they all just had a sleepover. The next morning, on our way back to saw all the abandoned cars stuck in the snow or that had ran out of gas. We were glad we didn't try to head back the night before, that could have been us! But we did have a great Valentines Day. Abby had her dance class where she got some valentine treats, then the girls and I made heart-shaped cookies with pink frosting and sparkles, we delivered valentines, played in the snow and had leftovers.

Last Saturday was part of my Valentines gift. Lance watched the girls while I went shopping (with Christmas money from Grandma that I had been saving for just a day like this) and an hour and a half massage! It was a great day! Lance had given me a gift certificate for a massage for Christmas so I was glad I got to use it before the year was up! Thanks Lance, Your the best! He was stuck at home cause I forgot to take the girls car seats out of the car, I didn't even think about it. He was a great sport and even had the kitchen clean and made dinner later that night! Happy Valentines Day!